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Tank heads are used as endcaps on cylindrical tanks, drive cylinders, distillation towers, reactors, gas storage tanks, and more. Tank heads often adhere to ASME standards or other comparable codes. Tank heads are crucial pressure vessel structural components that can hold dangerous or extremely volatile compounds. The integrity of the tank and tank head is preserved through correct design and construction. Read More…

Tank Heads Tank heads are hemispherical, conic or other metal shapes that are specially made to be affixed to a tank, vessel or other containment object. Tank heads are essential to the effective and safe storage of materials within all kinds of containment systems.

For years, Precision Metal Spinning has proven to be a leader in innovation and quality within the metal spinning industry. Offering CNC and hand spinning, along with deep drawing capabilities, Precision Metal Spinning is ahead of the pack when it comes to size, precision, technology, and service to its clients in diverse fields such as medical, industrial and automotive.

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H & H Manufacturing & Engineering Inc. was started in 1966 by two brothers, Carl and Dave Howard. From its humble beginnings, H & H Mfg. has grown into one of the premier metal spinning shops in Southern California serving customers throughout the United States. Materials spun include various alloys of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper up to 0.125 in. thick. For more information ...

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Tank heads are frequently coated, heat-treated, or constructed with stainless steel.

Tank Head

Types of Tank Heads

Hemispherical heads

A spherical shape is optimal for a tank head because the stresses are properly distributed through the skull’s material. The radius of the cylindrical portion of the vessel mirrors the radius of the head. Due to their perfect form, hemispherical heads are a common choice for pressure vessels. Hemispherical heads are used on liquid and gas storage tanks and are known as ‘dish ends.’ It has a larger maximum radial section and, therefore a maximum pressure distribution area because of this.

Hemispherical Head

Torispherical Tank Heads

Torispherical heads are semi-hemispherical domes with a knuckle and a straight flange at the base. These are the pressure vessel heads used the most. They have a larger radial section than ellipsoidal heads to distribute pressure more evenly and endure maximum pressure. Torispherical heads are more expensive but save time to use.

Torispherical Head

Flat Heads

Flat and flat-sloping heads are simple to construct but sacrifice sturdiness. They are used in vessels with smaller diameters in low-pressure applications and built flush to the container’s surface. Flat heads have a lower capacity to withstand pressure. In addition, the flat area receives the most radiation, making it uneconomical.

Flat Head

Ellipsoidal heads

Ellipsoidal (or elliptical) heads are more cost-effective because their height only accounts for a small portion of their circumference. Compared to tropospheric heads, semi-ellipsoidal dished heads are deeper and stronger. They cost more to produce, but they are stronger and more pressure-resistant.

Ellipsoidal heads still have a square flange and a knuckle. Since the pressure is not distributed as uniformly as in a torispherical head, the elliptical design is not as strong. Nevertheless, it is a popular option because it can withstand the most pressure.

Ellipsoidal Head

Toriconical heads

Toriconical heads have a wide base at the shell and a tapering head shaped like concentric cones. At the wide end of the cone, toriconical heads feature a knuckle and a straight flange. They are more hygienic than concentric cones, although they cost more to produce.

Toriconal Head

Applications and Benefits of Tank Heads

  • Pressure autoclaves in the medical profession can use tank heads.
  • Tank heads can be used in petroleum tanks and water tanks.
  • Tank heads prevent spills and contents loss.
  • Compressors and refrigerants also use tank heads to store liquid gas.
  • Tank heads can reduce expenses if they are used properly.
  • Tank heads guarantee the security of employees and equipment.

Choosing the Correct Tank Head Supplier

To ensure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing a tank head from a tank head supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of tank head suppliers. Each tank head supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each tank head business website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple tank head suppliers with the same form.

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