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Kansas City, MO  |  877-231-1480

Blue Valley Machine & Manufacturing is dedicated to bringing quality when it comes to metalforming machinery. Since 1928, we have been the specialists people trust regards to tank heads. We have dishing machines and a selection of dishing and flanging oval shaped heads. Visit our website for more details.

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Springfield, MO  |  417-831-5100

Tank Components Incorporated produces alloy and stainless steel pressed and formed parts. We specialize in the production of tank heads. Our manufactured products follow a variety of requirements and specifications, such as the ASME Code. Call us for quality products and services.

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Fort Worth, TX  |  866-232-8030

Baker Tankhead offers a variety of products and services including head manufacturing, hot forming, cones, manways, rolled shells, burning, machining, stress-relieving, and custom parts. We also provide services such as freight services and heat treating. We have two plasma tables, one of which allows us to stitch cut, pre-bevel, cut holes in heads and shells for nozzle placement, etc. Our in-house machining capabilities allow us to manufacture our own dies as well as offer special edge requirements for your tank heads. We also have the capabilities to do a wide variety of custom machining. Our furnace capacity is 50 tons and it is 14’wide X 14’ tall X 40’long. Our computer-controlled operating system has all the A.S.M.E. programs installed and can be customized for your specific needs. We can provide you with heat charts and are able to get the furnace to a controlled temperature up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit. For shipping, our north Texas location along with our shipping racks allow us to provide competitive shipping anywhere in the U.S. You can count on us to provide on-time delivery and quality care for your products on their journey to your destination. Each one of our products is checked by each department supervisor during the manufacturing process, and then our Quality Control department performs a final inspection to ensure your specific requirements, if any, have been met.

It is our company’s mission to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers by providing quality, service, and price that they will not find anywhere else. We aim to be a world-class supplier by continually investing in the improvement of our processes for quality and efficiency; to decrease turnaround time and benefit our client’s delivery requirements; to continue to enhance the skills of our employees through ongoing training, education, and internal advancement programs.

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Houston, TX  |  800-231-3272

Uni-Form Components Company is a provider of tank heads and other quality products. Using metal spinning, we are able to provide quality spun metal tank heads. Our products have been utilized by a variety of industries, so call us today for quality tank heads.

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